This time the post is not about ocean coast but a little town called Estoi on the foothill of Serra do Caldeirão in Eastern Algarve. I got in touch with fashion and beauty blogger Liina ( to ask if she’d be interested in a photo shoot and she said yes to pose for me. We agreed to shoot in the charming town of Estoi, which has romantic little street corners and where you don’t have to worry that a tourist might end up in the photo. Although we waited until evening for the heat to pass, the air was still hot. Unfortunately, the famous park of Estoi’s castle was closed but we found a perfect place for taking photos. White walls, potted olive trees, flowers, old stairways and my favorite, the bougainvillea bush – all of this in one place meant we didn’t really need to look for anything extra. On top of that, a red scooter was parked a few meters from us and we secretly made use of it as a prop.


It was incredibly easy to work with Liina – it was obvious that it wasn’t her first time posing in front of a camera and even the 30 degree heat didn’t weaken her efforts. As a result, it’s of course difficult to pick the best photos ☺ Liina also brought her partner Diogo with her, who was at first skeptical about joining in but when he posed next to Liina, they looked like in a magazine. I heard that Diogo’s parents were also happy with the result.
By the end of the shoot, the sun was already setting and gave the city a golden hue. We took the last photos at the large stairways with the Matriz de Estoi church as a backdrop.
The result is romantic and Mediterranean-like. Exactly what I had in mind when picking the location. But even more importantly, thank you to Lina and Diogo for great cooperation as you are the main characters in the photos!


Algarve is not just beautiful beaches, there’s many lovely little towns here with churches and tiny streets to explore hand in hand with your partner. In addition to Estoi I would recommend Silves for example.