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Romantic Engagement Photoshoot | Maria & Sandy Wedding Photographer

Estonia Early & Romantic Engagement Shoot

Romantic Engagement Photoshoot – romantic engagement photoshootMeet Siiri, one of the best Estonian fine art photographers and a beautiful person with her partner Tõnis. I met Siiri when she agreed to take me to a wedding as a second photographer alongside her. I hope I can show you some results soon. Update, here are the results: Estonian Winter Wedding.


Estonia Engagement Shooting Maria Eero


This time I was looking for a couple that would make it possible for me to set up a photoshoot in the Estonian wild forest. It´s a significant contrast to Algarve´s blue sky, golden sands and majestic cliffs. However, it still has a very unique beauty to it. This time a year, the plants are still at a standstill and the colours that stick out can mainly be noticed in the form of several different types of moss and blueberry-, cranberry stems.


Estonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria Eeroromantic engagement photoshoot


As the nature at that time doesn´t display many bright colours, it was Siiri’s pink dress to the rescue to brighten things up. We also tried some smoke, which had perfect movement in the slight wind by creating a mystical background.


Estonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria Eero

Estonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria EeroEstonia Engagement Shooting Maria Eero

We wish them all the best in their future!


Equipment used: Canon 1Ds II, Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4

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