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j3j, ij, g, h9, 5, 8, f6, g7, c, Algarve Wedding Dress Photoshoot | Vale d'Oliveiras | Maria & Sandy

Chase Brides Wedding Dress Shoot Vale d’Oliveiras

Algarve Wedding Dress Photoshoot – Vale d’Oliveirasalgarve wedding dress photoshoot

Algarve wedding dress photoshoot – The Algarve is considered to be one of the best places for a bridal shoot due to its large variety of beaches and amazing cliffs, servings as beautiful backdrops. We always have deep blue skies and beautiful golden light in the late afternoons. Today we were shooting something special – wedding gowns. Most of us have probably dreamed of wearing a white wedding dress one day. We collaborated with Chase Brides, a relatively new bridal shop located at the Marina in Albufeira. They were able to provide us with four fabulous wedding gowns.


Algarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase Brides


Ana Vieira performed the make-up along with the hair. She is perhaps the most well-known make-up artist in the Algarve (see her on facebook). Along with her came make-up artist-pupil Vanessa Martins. The agenda was very narrow indeed, as I unfortunately, would have to leave Portugal the very next day. Initially, we took photos inside of the absolutely magnificent Vale d’Oliveiras Resort. Plus some hours right before the sun was setting, we have been capable of taking a number of really romantic photographs at the Praia de Sao Rafael. Even though the beach was not very crowded during that time, each of our brides nevertheless received a large amount of interest. All the beachgoers weren’t short with kind comments.


Algarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase BridesAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase Brides

Algarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase Bridesalgarve wedding dress photoshootAlgarve Wedding-Dress Shooting Chase Bridesalgarve wedding dress photoshoot

The best photo shootings are usually quite exhausting, but they are also absolutely rewarding. We all could not be happier considering the final photographs. We absolutely can’t wait to create another Algarve wedding dress photo shoot with Ana Vieira and Chase Brides.


Equipment used: Canon 1Ds series, Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4, Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.4, Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm f1.2 „60 Years“

Location: Vale d’Oliveiras, Algarve Portugal

Dresses: Chase Brides, Algarve Portugal


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