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gl, joy, g51, dh, w, j8c, 7, r, t, 68, 2z8, Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot | Maria & Sandy

Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful beaches, to create a Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot.

The beaches of Algarve are ideal for a romantic couples’ photoshoot, especially with the soft golden rays of the setting sun as a stunning backdrop. We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful Algarve beaches to create a Boho Algarve Beach Photoshoot. This is our second photoshoot with Lina and Diogo. Those who have read our blog know that the first time we met was in Estoi where we also took a romantic Algarve photoshoot, you can find the post here: Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot. Since then, we have become friends, which meant that taking photos was even more fun this time around. That’s exactly why I also recommend couples to have a pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know each other better. We share common interests with Diogo and Lina, and this also includes our love for the beauty of Algarve – for its beautiful beaches, the Portuguese lifestyle, the rich cuisine, and for photography.


Boho Algarve Beach PhotoshootBoho Algarve Beach Photoshoot

The Beach

It is smart to come to this beach because during the high tide there is hardly a soul in sight. You might encounter a few fishermen trying their luck, but all the tourists go to better-known beaches. I have nothing against shooting in a crowd, but it makes it hard to find a place with no sunbathers in the background.

Boho Algarve Beach PhotoshootBoho Algarve Beach Photoshoot

There are so many fantastic places on this Algarve beach, it makes me wonder how there are no other Algarve photographers here yet. A young Labrador witnessed our presence and became overly excited from seeing us.

The Outfit

Lina’s brown outfit matched perfectly with the yellowish tones of the cliff, and she looked stunning. You never have to discuss Lina’s outfit with her before the shoot, because as you might expect from a fashion blogger, she always picks the most suitable clothes and accessories.

Boho Algarve Beach Photoshoot

We also had to climb a little on the cliffs to get better shots, which is not the easiest of tasks with the cameras. And of course, you are also worried about the model slipping. 

By sunset, the water had started to recede, and we moved down to the beach. The bigger waves still splashed enough to make our feet wet, but this was a perfect relief when working in the 35-degree heat. Sunset is the most magical time of the day and is ideal for couples’ photography.

The original plan was to only take pictures of Lina and to make it into more of a fashion shoot. But when I saw the affection between this couple, I suggested Diogo to join her in some of the pictures. The result was excellent – romantic and natural. This couple does not need directing; they feel at ease in front of the camera and their movements are natural. 

Boho Algarve Beach Photoshoot

Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

The Couple

If you cannot tell from the photos, then these two were really affectionate. They radiated love and joy, which makes our work so much easier! It’s a new, fresh, and truly in love couple. It was a pleasure to see their passionate love.

As you know, we do not only create a Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot on beaches; it’s easy to take romantic pictures anywhere with a couple that is in love. If you know a place in Portugal or in Estonia, we will happily listen to your suggestions.

Romantic Couple Algarve Beach PhotoshootRomantic Couple Algarve Beach PhotoshootBoho Algarve Beach Photoshoot

People have asked us if we rent dresses, but I always advise them to come to the photoshoot with their own clothes and to maybe bring another change of clothes. People feel the best in their own clothes and this also shows in the photos. Harmony is important for couples, that they would look like they belong together.

Just like the last time, I felt that we got great shots as I was driving home, and I was excited to see the result. It’s always wonderful if you sense that the photo shoot was successful and you’re happy with your work.

Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

We all enjoyed every minute of our Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot. The sun started setting and the temperature felt nice and fresh and the beers we shared together tasted even better.

Please contact us if you are interested in your romantic Algarve beach photo shoot.


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Equipment used: Canon 1Ds series, Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4

Location: Praia d’Lourenco, Algarve


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