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Professionaalsed tootefotod parima hinnaga Eestis | Maria & Sandy

Making of Luxurious Blessix

Maria was recently working as a product photographer in Estonia, (professionaalsed tootefotod)

Go Here capturing (professionaalsed tootefotod) some latest products for the Estonian luxurious Blessix cosmetic brand.

https://www.gm-motors.co.uk/3911-dte87498-dating-on-line-free-chat.html Maria always wanted to be a cosmetic photographer. Blessix is a new brand, specialized in high quality and premium products. While Maria shot the products, I had the idea to shoot a little making-of video. After one hour of shooting both were quite pleased with the results we got. Of course, I have spent a bit more time on the editing of the video. In the end, I was amazed by the video quality delivered by the 1Dx. It feels to me that there is a rather bigger difference between the video quality of the 5D and the 1Dx series. Especially with moiré, the 1Dx is dealing definitely better than her much cheaper brother, the 5D.



And here is our second part of the Blessix product shoot. The goal of this shoot was to create a small video for an international cosmetic competition, which will take place later this year in England. The goal of this shoot is to show that the clients natural product contains real gold indeed. Customers can see the gold creating a very interesting effect when they shake the bottle.



We’ve had lots of fun shooting together this way and we are also happy with the outcome, the pictures and the video. As always, thank you so much for watching! And here are the final images. We are looking forward to shoot more cosmetics. The following product photos are single frames from the original video.


Estonia Photoshoot Product Cosmetic Blessix

Estonia Photoshoot Product Cosmetic Blessix

Estonia Cosmetic Photographer Maria Eero

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Equipment used: Canon 1Dx & 5D series, Carl Zeiss Planar 85mm f1.2 „60 Years“, Canon 28-70L f2.8


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