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& Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia -

Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia

Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia

Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia. Monika are Margus are friends of Maria and they were asking us for a shooting with their beloved dogs. Sure! The weather was beautiful, there was snow everywhere. If it just wasn’t so cold. The temperature outside was truly painful. 🙂 It was too cold for holding the camera for longer than ten of fifteen minutes. Inbetween we had to get back inside their lovely home for a hot cup of tea, just to warm up again.

Still, it was fun to shoot them with all their dogs. Monika and Margus are just crazy full of love for them and we were too! 


Location: Harju County, Estonia

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