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Pedro - Ilha de Faro Wedding by Maria & Sandy

Stephanie & Pedro – Ilha de Faro Wedding

Stephanie & Pedro – Ilha de Faro Wedding

Stephanie & Pedro are an amazing couple. We met them just before their wedding day at the Ilha de Faro and we liked each other immediately. They entrusted us to document their special day together with their friends and their family.

We never shot a Ilha de Farol Wedding and we were pretty excited about it. The idea was that Pedro would go on one boat and Stephanie on another one and that they first would see each other on this beautiful small island.

Everything worked out great until their way back to Faro, when the boat ran aground and was stuck for quite a bit. So we took their portraits at 2 a clock in the morning in the lovely old town of Faro.

We loved every minute of this Ilha de Faro Wedding.


Wedding Venue: Ilha de Faro – Algarve, Portugal

Wedding Planner:

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