Love in Tallinn

Love in Tallinn – Couple Photo Shoot


We met these love balls three weeks ago, when they asked us to capture their Sunday morning from an intimate perspective. We had so much fun together that we all became friends, including their cute french bulldog Franklin. Reimo + Birgit were so happy with their photos that they wanted to write this post for us and for our future couples in love. Here’s what they were thinking:

Hi there! After buying our own home, we have found many times ourself thinking of having our photos taken. Photos of us as a family, including our loved Franklin, how we spend usually a typical Sunday morning together. We wanted the pictures to reflect  how we really spend the day together as we are. When we found Maria & Sandy we felt that it’s the right time. We were chatting about our vision and Maria & Sandy were very excited to help us.

The atmosphere was super relaxed and in some moments we almost forgot that they were there. M+S did not give us a time limit, so we could do everything in our own tempo. We woke up with them next to us and even Franklin didn’t mind them at all. He actually enjoyed so much attention. 🙂 

After some coffee and cuddle time we went on our typical Sunday walk and Franklin seemed to be very happy to show neighbourhood to his new friends.


Thank you so much, Reimo & Birgit!

Love, Maria & Sandy



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February 28, 2019 at 06:02 AM

These are so lovely!!!