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How to get the best out of your Algarve Wedding Photoshoot or After-Wedding Photoshoot


To answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of most important Q&As for 2019.

The Location. This very helpful Beach Guide has been published by the Algarve Tourism Board.

The best weather forecast for Portugal you can find at It can be very hot in Portugal, so please don’t forget to carry plenty of water with you. We usually bring some to your Photoshoot. Sun blockers are a necessity, always protect your skin. The south of Portugal has a very high UV index and even if we are shooting just for an hour, you don’t want to get sunburn. The current UV index can be also found at the IPMA site.

The Wedding Planner. If you are looking for an Algarve based wedding planner, here is one we have had the pleasure to work with: Michael from


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Now some Q&As about your Wedding photoshoot & engagement shootings


Do you always shoot on weddings together?

Certainly, most of the time we shoot together as a couple, yes.


Would you shoot destination weddings?

We love to! Please contact us for availability.


Can we meet before our wedding day / Algarve wedding photo shoot?

Absolutely! If you are in Portugal, we would be delighted to make your acquaintance and talk about your wedding dream.


What cameras do you use?

On weddings, we shoot mostly with Canon 1Ds / 1Dx series, it’s your most important day and we only trust these cameras. We shot with them close to the north pole, we shot with them in heavy rain and they never let us down. Also, we are photographing with Carl Zeiss or Canon L lenses. See the bottom of the page for more details on lenses. Furthermore, we bring backup cameras. On special request, we can shoot with large format film cameras, for very special and unique hand-made photos. We are also able to shoot underwater wedding photos for you. In this case, we are shooting with professional Nikonos underwater cameras.


Can you shoot my whole wedding with large format cameras?

We really would like to try this one day, but it would be almost impossible. Large format cameras are very slow to work with because they are heavy and slow to operate. The image quality is amazing but it comes at a price. So please contact us if you are interested in handcrafted images. We can also take up to 12 large format portraits and group photos on a single wedding day, with colour and black & white.


Do you shoot video as well as still photography?

As much as we like to use our video setting while documenting some of our work, we are no videographers by any means. However, we will be very happy to refer you to videographers who do great work in the Algarve.


How many photos will we get?

You will get your best wedding photos. Depending on the Wedding Photography Package you have booked.


How do you develop our photos?

After your wedding/beauty photoshoot, your digital photos will be developed and retouched. You will receive your final photos within 3 weeks. We will send a private online gallery, encrypted due to privacy reasons. Above all, you will also receive your photos in two resolutions. One size optimized for sharing with your friends and family and on social media and the other high resolution for printing and archiving. We also offer protected lifetime storage.
Your large format photos will be developed in our own darkroom and then carefully digitalized. We can develop the following films: C41, E6 and black & white. It is noteworthy that these photographs are about 120 megapixels in resolution, which you can print consequently very large. For black & white, we also offer hand-made Silver Gelatine prints, crafted in our darkroom and finally signed by us.


Where can you take our photos for our Algarve Wedding Photoshoot / Pre-Wedding / Trash the Dress?

We know the Algarve very well, having spent the last ten years doing photography here. We can take you to the most beautiful and amazing and yet not crowded locations. For your most romantic Algarve wedding photoshoot.


What time of the day do you recommend for our Engagement, Pre-Wedding and Trash the Dress photo shoot?

Very good question. For the most beautiful look in your photos, we love to start shooting around sunset time. But not always this is possible. Get in touch with us and together we will pick the best time that will suit you. You can see our Algarve Sunset Sunrise Time page for more information. You will find the sunrise and sunset time there. Very handy if you want the golden and warm sunlight in your photos.

If you are interested in a Pre-Wedding beach photo shoot, it’s always helpful to know the tide. No need to trash your clothing before the wedding. Windfinder provides all the information at one glance. Make sure to select the nearest place to where you stay for the most precise prediction.


We don’t have a car. How can we meet for the Pre-Wedding / Post-Wedding Photoshoot?

There are numerous transfer companies in the Algarve, offering their services for a very reasonable price. We have had very good experience with AM Transfers.


We have heard that you do Wet Plate Collodion Photography for Algarve Wedding Photoshoots

Yes, we do Ambrotype and Tintype wet plates. The Collodion Process dates back to 1851 and is one of the oldest photography techniques. Today only offered by a few photographers worldwide. It is hard to master, some of the chemicals are very dangerous and the outcome is sometimes a bit unpredictable and yet every plate is a unique photograph you can hold in your hands and admire. Collodion Wet Plates we can only offer for Photoshoots close to our darkroom near Silves. Every plate is prepared and sensitized by hand and needs to be exposed and developed within 10 minutes. Let us know if you are interested in your hand-crafted glass plate for your Algarve Wedding Photoshoot, Portrait or Couple photograph.


Wet-Plate collodion algarve

Sandy & Maria preparing a glass plate for the Collodion Process (Ambrotype)


Wet plate collodion algarve Two collodion wet plates we shot. On the left collodion glass plate. And a portrait of Maria. Photographed and developed as a Tintype (tin plate) by us.


Is the Collodion Process dangerous?

First of all, there is absolutely no danger to your health or life at your Algarve Wedding Photoshoot. You will not come in contact with any chemicals during the photoshoot. Furthermore, we don’t use potassium cyanide for client shootings. And if you want to be part of the preparation and the developing process of the collodion wet plate – which you should because it’s probably your most unique photography experience – we will provide you with safety gloves and goggles and we as responsible photographers take all necessary precautions to avoid any disaster.


Is it bad for the environment?

It is not bad for the environment. The chemicals involved are very expensive and therefore we recycle most of them.


What lenses do you work with?

Did you really ask for this? Well, let’s begin. It really depends on the Algarve wedding photoshoot/assignment. So, we never need all of these.

Carl Zeiss:

Distagon 21mm f2.8, Distagon 28mm f2 “Hollywood”, Distagon 35mm f1.4, Planar 50mm f1.4, Planar 85mm f1.2 “60 Years”, Makro-Planar 100mm f2.8, Planar 135mm f2, Sonnar 180mm f2.8

Canon 28-70mm L f2.8, Canon 35mm L f1.4, Canon 50mm f1.4, Canon 80-200 L f2.8

For our large format and wet plate photos we work with:

Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm f6.8, Rodenstock Sironar 150mm f5.6, Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f4.8, Petzval 180mm f3 (made in 1851)

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