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The first part of our intimate Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot

The first part of our Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot, in Castro Marim. What a lovely couple they were.

There was laughter and joy and an hour of photographing the couple went by like nothing. We are looking so forward to their wedding… (Update: See their photographs of their beautiful Algarve Wedding) We did not have much time to get all the romantic Pre-Wedding Photographs we wanted. The couple was very busy preparing their wedding, picking up family members from the airport. Therefore we did not want to “waste” their time.

For the first part of the shooting we went straight to the golf course, which is located right next to their amazing villa, which will also be their wedding venue. We were very careful though, no one of us wanted to get hit by flying golf balls. The course was very busy at this time. But we managed to find some very pretty places and also to avoid the golf balls. In fact all the golfers were super friendly, giving the couple all their best wishes, even when I covered one of the golf holes by accident. They are an amazing couple and as a result of this, not a single photograph had to be posed. They were enjoying each other so much, all I had to do was take their photographs.


pre-wedding algarve photoshoot


Equipment used: Canon 1Dx, Canon 28-70L f2.8

Location: Castro Marim Golfe and Country Club


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