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uw, ld6, 7f, j, rb4, t, 752, jf, 0oj, 1l, nh8, u, 06d, Algarve Beach Shoot Archives -
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  • A romantic couple photo shoot in Albufeira, Algarve. Photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography
    Couple photo shoot in Albufeira Sandy

    Couple photo shoot in Albufeira

    Nina loves Lukas // couple photo shoot in Albufeira Nina loves Lukas // couple photo shoot in Albufeira We had the luck to shoot these happy lovers on a deserted Algarve beach. Lukas & Nina got in touch with us, asking if we would like to photograph them – of course we wanted, we loved to!…

  • A couple photographed with horses, on a horseback riding adventure. Photos by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography
    Stephanie & Pedro // Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot Sandy

    Stephanie & Pedro // Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot

    Stephanie & Pedro // Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot Stephanie & Pedro hired us for their Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot. Last August we have had a few big fires raging in the Algarve, one of them very close to our home. Everything was smokey and we hadn’t seen a blue sky for days. It…

  • Armacao da Pera Algarve Couple Photo Shoot. Photo by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography
    Caro & Daniel // Armacao da Pera Couple Photoshoot Sandy

    Caro & Daniel // Armacao da Pera Couple Photoshoot

    Caro & Daniel // Armacao da Pera Couple Photoshoot When people start trusting eachother magic can happen. Daniel & Caro got in touch with us for a beach couple photo shoot near Armacao da Pera. We were so happy to meet them, they are a lovely couple and a complete joy to be with. So…

  • Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot
    Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot Sandy

    Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot

    Algarve Honeymoon Photographer – We took this lovely newlywed couple on a surprise Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot. On one of the finest motor yachts in the Algarve, on their honeymoon, for an After-Wedding Photo Shoot.   Eva’s & Felix’s Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot   We are so happy to share our latest photo love story…

  • A happy couple on a romantic walk on a beachphotographed by Maria & Sandy
    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot Sandy

    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot

     Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot We were curios meeting B + L for their Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot. We met near the beautiful village of Castro Marim, in the Algarve, the Country Golf Club, were we took the first photos of their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. A few days later they would get married and we were allowed…

  • algarve romantic photo shoot
    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve Sandy

    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve

    The first part of our intimate Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot The first part of our Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot, in Castro Marim. What a lovely couple they are. There was laughter and joy and an hour of photographing the couple went by like nothing. We are looking so forward to their wedding… (Update: See their photographs of…

  • best Algarve Wedding Photographer; Wedding Photography Algarve, captured by Maria Eero, best algarve wedding photographer
    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot Maria

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful beaches, to create a Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot. The beaches of Algarve are ideal for a romantic couples’ photoshoot, especially with the soft golden rays of the setting sun as a…

  • algarve beach photoshooting
    Jessica na Praia – Algarve Beach Photoshoot Maria

    Jessica na Praia – Algarve Beach Photoshoot

    Algarve Beach Beauty Photoshoot I´d like to share with you some pictures from my last Algarve Beach Beauty Photoshoot. I met Jessica who had come down south for a family holiday. We had a casual photo shoot in Armacao da Pera with two outfits, both of which looked very beautiful on her and the white…