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  • A Small Wedding Algarve Elopement photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography.
    Small Wedding Algarve Elopement Sandy

    Small Wedding Algarve Elopement

    de cette source Small Wedding Algarve Elopement // Morgan & Bill Morgan & Bill asked us to document their Small Wedding & Algarve Elopement. Of course we said yes! These two lovers came all the way from Washington DC to the romantic Algarve in Portugal. They had just arrived one day earlier. We picked them up in Lagos…

  • Romantic Algarve Elopement near Sagres, photographed by Sandy & Maria Algarve Wedding Photography
    Romantic Algarve Elopement – Angelica & James Sandy

    Romantic Algarve Elopement – Angelica & James

    rencontre libertine 19 Romantic Algarve Elopement // Angelica & James This romantic Algarve Elopement was our most favorite run away wedding this summer. These two lovebirds came all the way from Toronto, Canada. We have been writing and talking weeks before their special day. About every little detail like the beach where the ceremony will take place –…

  • A wedding in carvoeiro photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography
    A Carvoeiro Wedding – Simone loves Raffael Sandy

    A Carvoeiro Wedding – Simone loves Raffael

    A Carvoeiro Wedding // Simone loves Raffael A Carvoeiro Wedding Photographer // Simone loves Raffael This loving couple hired through Algarve Prestige Wedding & Event Planners us to document their elopement wedding at Carvoeiro’s Algarve Seco. Simone & Raffael are big fans of Star Wars. Which became the main theme of their special day. A…

  • Pousada Convento Tavira Elopement Wedding by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photographers
    Pousada Convento Tavira – an Elopement Wedding Sandy

    Pousada Convento Tavira – an Elopement Wedding

    Algarve Elopement Photographer at the Pousada Convento Tavira –    We were so happy that back in April 2018 Alison and John asked us to be their Algarve wedding photographers at the extremely beautiful Pousada Convento Tavira! It was their wish to have an intimate and romantic ceremony with just two of them. We love…

  • estonia wedding photographer
    Estonian Winter Wedding Sandy

    Estonian Winter Wedding

    Estonian Winter Wedding Famous Estonian Fine Art Photographer Siiri Kumari took us to this Estonian Winter Wedding. Maria became her second shooter. We prepared and packed our gear and travelled to Rapla in Estonia. The landscape was not just beautiful, it was eerie and also very cold. The wedding took place in the countryside and…