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4p, vt, gpo, 4xo, Engagement Photography Archives -
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  • Engagement photographer in Helsinki Maria & Sandy Wedding Photography
    Helsinki Engagement Photo Shoot Sandy

    Helsinki Engagement Photo Shoot

    Helsinki Engagement Photo Shoot // Charlotte loves Iivo Charlotte loves Iivo – their Helsinki Engagement Photo Shoot. We met Charlotte & Iivo in Helsinki after christmas to shoot their engagement. Very early we arrived in Helsinki and boy was it cold! But nothing could stop our great mood and after a few cups of tea…

  • Maria & Sandy Algarve wedding photographer photographing a proposal in the Algarve
    An Algarve Proposal photo shoot Sandy

    An Algarve Proposal photo shoot

    Algarve Proposal photo shoot – Sonduren & Shabnam Some make their wedding proposal quite common, others choose to add a little suspense to the mix by keeping it a secret. In the beginning of this month we had a photo shoot that was very special also for us. Sonduren decided to propose his beautiful girl-friend…

  • Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia Sandy

    Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia

    Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia Monika & Margus // Couple Shoot Estonia. Monika are Margus are friends of Maria and they were asking us for a shooting with their beloved dogs. Sure! The weather was beautiful, there was snow everywhere. If it just wasn’t so cold. The temperature outside was truly painful. 🙂…

  • A happy couple on a romantic walk on a beachphotographed by Maria & Sandy
    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot Sandy

    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot

     Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot We were curios meeting B + L for their Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot. We met near the beautiful village of Castro Marim, in the Algarve, the Country Golf Club, were we took the first photos of their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. A few days later they would get married and we were allowed…

  • algarve romantic photo shoot
    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve Sandy

    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve

    The first part of our intimate Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot The first part of our Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot, in Castro Marim. What a lovely couple they are. There was laughter and joy and an hour of photographing the couple went by like nothing. We are looking so forward to their wedding… (Update: See their photographs of…

  • best Algarve Wedding Photographer; Wedding Photography Algarve, captured by Maria Eero, best algarve wedding photographer
    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot Maria

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful beaches, to create a Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot. The beaches of Algarve are ideal for a romantic couples’ photoshoot, especially with the soft golden rays of the setting sun as a…

  • estonia engagement photoshoot
    Estonia Early & Romantic Engagement Shoot Maria

    Estonia Early & Romantic Engagement Shoot

    Romantic Engagement Photoshoot – Meet Siiri, one of the best Estonian fine art photographers and a beautiful person with her partner Tõnis. I met Siiri when she agreed to take me to a wedding as a second photographer alongside her. I hope I can show you some results soon. Update, here are the results: Estonian Winter…