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  • romantic couple photoshoot algarve
    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot Maria

    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot

    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot – Engagement Photoshoot Algarve This time the post is about a Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot, Engagement Photoshoot Algarve in a little town called Estoi. A charming village located on the foothill of Serra do Caldeirão in Eastern Algarve. The Couple I got in touch with fashion and beauty blogger Liina (…

  • algarve beach photoshooting
    Jessica na Praia – Algarve Beach Photoshoot Maria

    Jessica na Praia – Algarve Beach Photoshoot

    Algarve Beach Beauty Photoshoot I´d like to share with you some pictures from my last Algarve Beach Beauty Photoshoot. I met Jessica who had come down south for a family holiday. We had a casual photo shoot in Armacao da Pera with two outfits, both of which looked very beautiful on her and the white…