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1c7, 15a, 4uf, cva, i3, j, tg5, x, Algarve wedding photography Archives -
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  • Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot
    Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot Sandy

    Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot

    Algarve Honeymoon Photographer – We took this lovely newlywed couple on a surprise Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot. On one of the finest motor yachts in the Algarve, on their honeymoon, for an After-Wedding Photo Shoot.   Eva’s & Felix’s Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot   We are so happy to share our latest photo love story…

  • algarve wedding photographer portugal
    Portugal Wedding Castro Marim, Algarve Maria

    Portugal Wedding Castro Marim, Algarve

    Wedding Photographer Castro Marim, Algarve Wedding Photographer Castro Marim, Algarve – It was a beautiful, emotion-filled Algarve wedding! Back in September, this lovely couple asked us to become their Wedding Photographer Castro Marim, Algarve. Bo&Lu were planning their Algarve wedding in South Korea and everything turned out just perfect. Two families and cultures came together…

  • A happy couple on a romantic walk on a beachphotographed by Maria & Sandy
    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot Sandy

    Portugal Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot

     Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot We were curios meeting B + L for their Pre-Wedding Algarve Beach Shoot. We met near the beautiful village of Castro Marim, in the Algarve, the Country Golf Club, were we took the first photos of their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. A few days later they would get married and we were allowed…

  • algarve romantic photo shoot
    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve Sandy

    Portugal Pre Wedding Intimate Algarve

    The first part of our intimate Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot The first part of our Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot, in Castro Marim. What a lovely couple they are. There was laughter and joy and an hour of photographing the couple went by like nothing. We are looking so forward to their wedding… (Update: See their photographs of…

  • algarve-estoi-palace-wedding
    Portugal Estoi Palace Algarve Wedding Maria

    Portugal Estoi Palace Algarve Wedding

    Wedding Photographer in the Algarve Maria shot a wedding at the Estoi Palace, Portugal, being a Wedding Photographer in the Algarve. What a beautiful and intimate wedding it was. I have wanted to be the Wedding Photographer at the Estoi Palace, Algarve for some time now and when the Algarve Prestige Wedding and Event told…

  • best Algarve Wedding Photographer; Wedding Photography Algarve, captured by Maria Eero, best algarve wedding photographer
    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot Maria

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot

    Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful beaches, to create a Romantic Couple Algarve Beach Photoshoot. The beaches of Algarve are ideal for a romantic couples’ photoshoot, especially with the soft golden rays of the setting sun as a…

  • algarve trash the dress photoshoot
    Chase Brides Wedding Dress Shoot Praia d’Lourenco Sandy

    Chase Brides Wedding Dress Shoot Praia d’Lourenco

    Trash the Dress Algarve Photoshoot Trash the dress Algarve – This is the second part of our Chase Brides Wedding Dress shoot, which ended in a mild Trash the Dress Algarve Photoshoot. We shot the first part of the wedding dresses at Vale d’Oliveiras. We then headed to Praia d’Lourenco & Praia d’Sao Rafael to…

  • wedding dress photoshoot algarve
    Chase Brides Wedding Dress Shoot Vale d’Oliveiras Maria

    Chase Brides Wedding Dress Shoot Vale d’Oliveiras

    Algarve Wedding Dress Photoshoot – Vale d’Oliveiras Algarve wedding dress photoshoot – The Algarve is considered to be one of the best places for a bridal shoot due to its large variety of beaches and amazing cliffs, servings as beautiful backdrops. We always have deep blue skies and beautiful golden light in the late afternoons. Today…

  • romantic couple photoshoot algarve
    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot Maria

    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot

    Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot – Engagement Photoshoot Algarve This time the post is about a Romantic Couple Algarve Photoshoot, Engagement Photoshoot Algarve in a little town called Estoi. A charming village located on the foothill of Serra do Caldeirão in Eastern Algarve. The Couple I got in touch with fashion and beauty blogger Liina (http://linselfportrait.com/)…