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Who we are


We are Maria & Sandy, your Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Algarve. We are best friends and lovers, parents to three portuguese cats and we love photography.

We have found each other in 2015 and since then, we are working together on our photography projects, currently in the Algarve in Portugal and in Estonia. Maria started out ten years ago in front of the camera, working as a model while she was studying psychology. At one point she became more and more curious about the photography process and decided to switch sides when her loving partner Sandy introduced her to photography. Sandy has been a photographer and filmmaker since 2001 and has a vast experience in film and digital technology. He has worked for various clients in the industry. Some of his past clients are “dpa”, “Die Welt”, “GEO Magazin” and “Der Spiegel”.

Maria & Sandy are also photographing with large format cameras, using black and white and colour film. Sandy began studying large format photography nine years ago. We also have our own darkroom, equipped with film processors. Allowing us to develop the film from black and white to E6 and C41, from 35mm to large format. Maria and Sandy are also mastering the collodion wet plate process which marks the very beginning of photography in 1851. The result is a completely hand-made and absolute unique photograph which cannot be duplicated.

We love nature, being outdoors and travel. Although we have not done much lately. Our favourite place to visit is the Portugal’s west coast and Estonias deep forests. Being there reminds us how small we are as human in relation to this world and how beautiful and fragile nature is.

We truly believe that if you love what you photograph, you will create great photographs. We definitely love what we do.

Why we photograph and film weddings

We absolutely love weddings. It is a privilege and great honour for us to be part of your very special wedding day as your wedding photographer and videographer, giving you memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on the assignment, most of the time we are working together as a couple as well as a team to cover your wedding day for the best possible outcome. We also love to travel, meeting interesting people from different countries and making new friends. In the recent months, we have already shot and filmed weddings in other European countries like Estonia and Finland.


How we photograph and film your wedding

As Wedding Photographers in Algarve, we will exclusively use the highest quality camera equipment and simply the best Carl Zeiss optics and frequently Canon lenses too. When considering your wedding photographs, we always carry back up equipment along with us!

As your professional wedding photographers and videographers in Algarve, we – Maria & Sandy – believe in all-natural as well as non-staged wedding photography, influenced by wedding photojournalism and impacted by fine-art together with fashion photography including natural emotions, recording the genuine heart and soul of your day.

On your wedding, we will be together with you for the duration of your so special day, including anything from the initial preparation photographs with the bride and groom until the last hour of your wedding venue and sometimes we might even hold your hand. Helping you with good advice, caring very much for you.

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Delivery time

You are going to receive your wedding photographs within just 21 days. This is significant due to the fact that quite a few Algarve Wedding Photographers have an emission time of above than half a year for your pictures and only a few of them will be stating their time-table on the internet. We can promise you 21 days simply because we are paying attention to the quality, instead of the amount of all weddings we photograph as Algarve Wedding Photographers throughout a year.


Availability as Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Algarve

We are readily available for practically all propositions and travel, therefore, we are looking forward to hearing about your Algarve dream wedding! Please contact us by phone: 00351-910090681, write us an email:, or meet us in the Algarve. We would love to talk about everything you want to know about your wedding photography.

Oh yes, as your best Wedding Photographer Algarve, we speak English, German, Estonian and some Portuguese.

Don’t miss our Wedding Photography Q&As. We have also created a small guide to getting married in the Algarve.


Love, Maria and Sandy.

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