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Many thanks for taking your time to evaluate some of our Algarve Wedding Photography work. As Maria and Sandy, your Wedding Photographer in Portugal, we are looking to capture life and love at its purest. As a matter of fact, we know what it feels like to have your pictures captured at a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Certainly, there is no greater feeling. Therefore, it is our passion to create a heart singing experience while documenting your special day celebration or your engagement. With this in mind, we have built this page to show some of our favourite moments.
Such as weddings, pre weddings, engagement and elopement photography. Unique moments which we have helped to build and capture, with attention to detail.

Have a look around our work. We hope you like it and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us. We look forward meeting you, hopefully as your best Algarve Wedding Photographer in Portugal 2019.


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algarve wedding photographer maria eero

Wedding Photography Algarve, Castro Marim

It was the most beautiful, emotion-filled wedding and we knew that we had to be the best Algarve Wedding Photographer! Back in September, we were asked to shoot in Castro Marim…

algarve wedding photographer maria eero; Wedding Photographer Portugal, algarve wedding photography

Bruno & Ines // Estoi Palace Wedding

Join our latest Algarvian Wedding we have photographed at the Estoi Palace with our amazing couple – Bruno & Ines. One of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Algarve…

A bride and groom getting married at Panoramico, Praia Verde, Algarve. Photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

Meadhbh & Paul's Panoramico Wedding

We had the crazy luck to be Meadhbh’s & Paul’s Algarve Wedding Photographer at the O Panoramico at Praia Verde. They married next to the blue pool in the days bright sun…

Rustic Algarve Wedding documented by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

Bruno & Vania // Rustic Algarve Wedding

We had the absolute honor to shoot Bruno & Vania’s Rustic Wedding. It is so interesting being a Algarve Wedding Photog brought into these portuguese families hired to document…

Ilha de Faro wedding photography

Stephanie & Pedro // Ilha de Faro Wedding

Stephanie & Pedro are an amazing couple. We met them just before their wedding day at the Ilha de Faro and we liked each other immediately. They entrusted us to document their special day…

O Panoramico Castro Marim Wedding Photography provided by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

Dessie & Siobhán // O Panoramico Castro Marim

O Panoramico Castro Marim Wedding // Dessie & Siobhán entrusted us to be their wedding photographer. Their special day would take place at the O Panoramico, Castro Marim…

Carvoeiro Algarve Wedding Photography by Maria & Sandy

Simone & Raffael // Carvoeiro Algarve Wedding

This loving couple hired through Algarve Prestige Wedding & Event Planners us to document their elopement wedding at Carvoeiro’s Algarve Seco. Simone & Raffael are big fans of Star Wars…


Joana & Joao // Algarve Wedding @ Estoi Palace

This time we were the Wedding Photographer at the Palácio de Estói in the Algarve, Portugal. It was a beautiful intimate day. Maria wanted to be wedding photographer at the palace for a while…

after wedding shoot in estonia

Cardo & Laura // Estonia Forest Wedding

Two weeks ago, we visited Laura and Cardo. They both live in Tallinn, Estonia where we just had shot Kristi’s and Reimo’s winter Elopement Wedding in the capital Tallinn…

Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot

Eva & Felix // Algarve Honeymoon

We took these newlywed lovebirds on a surprise Romantic Algarve Honeymoon Photoshoot. On one of the finest motor yachts in the Algarve, on their honeymoon, for an After-Wedding Photo Shoot…

estonia wedding photographer

Jaanus & Piret // Estonian Winter Wedding

Estonian Fine Art Photographer Siiri Kumari took Maria to an Estonian Winter Wedding, as her second shooter. We loved the couples outfit. A traditional Estonian wedding look that’s…

Vilamoura Algarve Wedding Photographer

Malcolm & Tammy // Vilamoura Wedding

These two lovers hired us to cover their Algarve Wedding story. They came all the way from Ireland with their beloved friends and family. What a beautiful wedding to photograph…

Elopement Wedding Photography

Pousada Convento Tavira Elopement Wedding by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photographers

Alison & John // Algarve Elopement Tavira

We were so happy that back in April 2018 Alison and John asked us to be their Algarve wedding photographers at the extremely beautiful Pousada Convento Tavira…

Romantic Algarve Elopement near Sagres, photographed by Sandy & Maria Algarve Wedding Photography

Angelica & James // Romantic Algarve Elope

This romantic Algarve Elopement was our most favorite run away wedding this summer. These two lovebirds came all the way from Toronto, Canada…

A Small Wedding Algarve Elopement photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography.

Bill & Morgan // Small Wedding Algarve

These lovers asked us to photograph their Small Wedding Algarve Elopement at one of the Algarve’s beaches. We said yes of course and we decided to take them to…

Engagement & Couple Photo Shoots

Engagement photographer in Helsinki Maria & Sandy Wedding Photography

Charlotte & Iivo // Helsinki Engagement Shoot

Helsinki Engagement Photo Shoot / We met Charlotte & Iivo in Helsinki after christmas to shoot their engagement. Very early we arrived in Helsinki… 

Maria & Sandy Algarve wedding photographer photographing a proposal in the Algarve

Sonduren & Shabnam // Algarve Proposal Shoot

We had a photo shoot that was very special also for us. Sonduren decided to propose his beautiful girl-friend during their holidays in Algarve…

An Algarve Couple Photo Shoot at a beautiful beach. Happily a engaged couple Photographed by Maria & Sandy.

Theresa & Friedrich // Algarve Couple Shoot

Theresa & Friedrich asked us if we could photograph their engagement at one beautiful Algarve beach. Of course we knew where to take them…

Algarve Romantic Couple Photo Shoot Lourenco

Lina & Diogo // Romantic Couple Shoot

We took the fashion & beauty blogger Lina and her partner Diogo to one of the most beautiful beaches, they are ideal for a romantic couples’ photoshoot…

A couple photographed with horses, on a horseback riding adventure. Photos by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

Stephanie & Pedro // Horseback Shoot

Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot Stephanie & Pedro hired us for their Algarve Couple Horse Photo Shoot. Last August we have had a few big fires raging…

A romantic couple photo shoot in Albufeira, Algarve. Photographed by Maria & Sandy Algarve Wedding Photography

Nina loves Lukas // Couple Photo Shoot

Nina loves Lukas // couple photo shoot in Albufeira. We had the luck to shoot these happy lovers on a deserted Algarve beach…

A happy couple on a romantic walk on a beachphotographed by Maria & Sandy

Luis & Bozhena // Algarve Beach Shoot

We were curious meeting Bo&Lu for their Pre-Wedding Shooting. A few days later they would get married and we would be allowed to photograph…

algarve romantic photo shoot

Luis & Bozhena // Algarve Pre Wedding

The first part of our intimate Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot The first part of our Pre-Wedding Algarve Photoshoot, in Castro Marim. An hour of photographing…

estonia engagement photoshoot

Siiri & Tõnis // Estonia Engagement Shoot

Meet Siiri Kumari, one of the best Estonian fine art photographers, and her partner Tõnis. We decided to do their early Engagement photoshoot in the Estonian Forest…

Marriage is a thousand little things. It is giving up your right to be right in the heat of and argument. It´s forgiving another when they let you down. It is loving someone enough to step down so they can shine. It´s friendship. It´s being a cheerleader & trusted confidant. It is a place of forgiveness that welcomes one home, and arms they can run to in the midst of a storm. It is grace. – Darlene Schacht